Gender Eliminated? Job YouTube Channel
Mike the Quilava Male 18 TBD Pyromaniac shadowduck7
Hyrule the Shiny Chesnaught Male 19 TBD University Student TheKongaBeat
ugly ass the Shiny Absol Male 19 TBD Works in Nintendo world Shinyhunterwilliam
Victoria the slyveon Female 26 TBD Shes dead FallingUpStars
Wet Napkin the Drowzee Male 36 TBD Surprise Funeral Director DUSPAR ODAFURE
Winnie the Brown Zorua Female 20 TBD Maid ZoruaTheWildPokemon
Dusty the Umbreon Male 25 TBD Works at Microsoft StardustLive5
Marcus the Typhlosion Male 27 TBD Former Champion TheWildJolteon
Frankie the Froslass Female 21 TBD Event Planner joshytje5
TBD Aqua Orcal

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